How to Eat Healthy on the Go

Today I’m here to talk to you about something very dear and passionate to my heart…food. For the love of food, FOOD!

I know, it’s a huge topic. We all love it, we all hate it. But, if you hate food for the reasons I used to – weight gain, lethargy, carb overload – then I’m here to change the way you view it in these X simple steps towards loving your diet and feeling great!

1. Understand What’s Wrong

You need to know why you hate food, instead of love it. I used to hate food whenever I thought everything I put in my body was going to add an extra pound. This was true, until I changed the way I eat.

There’s no need to go absolutely crazy when it comes to understanding why you hate your food. Just keep it simple. What do you typically eat? Burgers for meals, chips for snacks, beer as your go to drink…trust me, I know. It’s delicious and easy and it doesn’t take much to grab that stuff.

Just start by trying to cut down on the snack foods and fast foods, and you’ll see a stark difference in your energy levels, and possibly even your weight.

Later in this article I’ll talk more about how you can make a swift health change with getting premade meals, but for now, step 2:

2. Tell Yourself You Want to Change

What do you want to change? How you feel? How you look? Take a quick thinker about what we talked about in Step 1.

Now that you’ve thought about why you hate food and what the problem is, let’s pick which one we want to change. Is it because you want to feel better? Look better? When it comes to food, there’s one cool thing that we need to understand: eating healthier makes you feel better, look better, and actually saves you money!

Now, I will admit it is difficult to find time in the day to cook every single meal from scratch, but that’s what we will discuss in Step 3. Step 3 is going to explain how you can make this change you want just from changing the way you look at and do the “food game”: premade meals.

3. Get Premade Meals

Meal prep is huge right now, but I can’t find the time in my hectic schedule to block out several hours to prep meals for a few days.

This was what was holding me back for so long, then I found some really great fit meals and premade meals here in my hometown of Temple, Texas. I started visiting a new shop called Secret Chef.

Secret Chef of Temple offers premade meals that you can walk in and pickup, or you can hit their drive through for a quick easy bite. I’ve been pretty much using their services for all my lunches and dinners, and I’ve been saving way more money than I would hitting the average fast food chain.

New to Temple, Secret Chef also offers catering in Temple. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve heard from several colleagues that it is the best Temple catering available in the area. If you want to check these guys out, check out the following link:

And that’s pretty much it! Health is easy whenever you have premade meals on the go that are fit and catered to your needs. If you’re where I’m from, Secret Chef is definitely the way to go when it comes to meal prep in Temple.


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